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Quick Details

Group Lesson
Surfer Ages 10+ years
Semi-Private Lesson
Surfer Ages 8+ years
Private Lesson
Surfer Ages 3+ years


In a group lesson, you will be with other visitors participating in the surf lesson. Regardless of the size of the group, a surf instructor is assigned to every three people. Group surf lessons are a lot of fun where everyone encourages each other and new friendships are made.


A favorite for couples or friends who want to surf together, yet have a private experience! In our semi-private lesson, one instructor services two people in a private setting – away from the group! This is an ideal lesson for honeymooners, teenagers or anyone wanting a little more attention from the instructor!

Semi-private lessons must be booked in twos or even numbers. For example, if three people were booked as a semi-private lesson, you will only get one instructor; but if you booked for four people, you will have two instructors. If you want two instructors for three students, the third student must be booked as a private lesson. Feel free to call us if this seems a little hard to understand.


Our private lessons are one-of-a-kind with exceptional service through your very own instructor! Your private instructor will remain with you throughout the entire two hours of your lesson. Your private instructor will cater to your every need, making adjustments and exceptions to ensure that you have the best experience of your life!

With a private and secluded experience separated from other surfers in the class, you will experience surfing by not only catching a lot of waves but by learning how to surf at your own pace. Many private lessons are booked consecutively and many of our guests return year after year to surf with the same instructor every year.

Long-lasting friendships and memories of a lifetime are made! All surfers ages eight and under MUST take a private lesson (because the board is too big to paddle on their own and our instructors will ensure that they are safe while having a great time!)